Slackline Event

The fifth Slackline Event starts at

11 a.m. on Aug., 31th 2013 at Augarten (Graz)

Uncountable slacklines will be tensed, beginners and pros will be satisfied with the range of different slacklines, longlines, rodeolines and jumplines - eveything will be available.

The possibility to take part on various workshops will be provided by the locals of slackline.at. Registration to the workshops is available at the info point at the event, according to the requirements. Longline-, jumpline-, beginner- and jugglingworkshops will be offered. Due to the fact that slacklining was invented by climbers, a climbing wall will be available. So the first steps into the beautiful world of climbing can be taken..

We provide a fine catering service, so no one has to stay hungry.

The highlight of the event will be the international Slackline Contest.

1 p.m.  Contest Registration starts

But you better register at the Slacklineverband Hompage.

2 p.m. Qualification

Show your skills in 2 minutes and qualify for the finals

4 p.m.Finale

The best Slackliners will compete against each other in a K.O. system on one Jumpline, until we found the best.

7 p.m. Event ends

After a hard day of Slacklining we will party hard at the famous P.P.C..

The next day has a special you should not miss. More information will follow ...